Samsung Galaxy S20

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100% biodegradable, sustainable and designed with you—and the environment—in mind.

Coast cases are eco-friendly and durable, preventing plastic waste to be produced all while keeping your smartphone safe from bumps and falls. Available in several earth-themed colors, our elegant bio-cases provide complete protection for your smartphone, and for the planet as well. Made from bamboo/wheat fiber + PBAT & PLA, the bio-cases are 100% compostable, leaving no toxic residue and keeping the planet safe. With each phone case, you help save the planet.

 Bamboo-based cases:

Material: Bamboo Fiber, PBAT and PLA
Colors: Natural, Dandelion
Thickness: 1.6mm
Durability: Bump and scratch protection
Packaging: Eco Friendly Sisal Pouch
Features: 100 Biodegradable, Slim, Light weight